The Survival Mindset – Buying Yourself Time

In discussions of disaster preparedness there are always those skeptics who make the excuse for not preparing that “it is impossible to be prepared for every type of disaster” or “they can’t put away enough provisions to last through any extended disaster”. The fallacy to these arguments is that, while it is optimal to have supplies to last though the duration of any extended disaster, it may very well be sufficient to have provisions that last you just long enough for your body, your family and your community to adapt to the new reality. Once adapted you may find that you are able to survive with few additional preparations.

In addition to having provisions put back for disaster it is also important to have a survival library. Our book, When There is No FEMA – Survival for Normal People in (Very) Abnormal Times, with its unprecedented level of detail on all aspects of survival, was written to be the centerpiece of the prepper’s library. It can be previewed and ordered from our web site at