The Possibility of Pandemic

With recent media-hyped disease outbreaks that never became full blown pandemics one is tempted to ask if, in the modern world, there is really any risk of a major, life-threatening disease sweeping across the face of the globe.

The answer, according to leading researchers in the area of infectious disease, is a resounding “yes”.

Disease-causing microbes are in a state of constant evolution. When a microbe develops the appropriate set of characteristics with regard to transmissibility, lethality and treatability it has the potential to shake the foundations of civilization. With the availability of modern, relatively low cost, mass transportation the entire world could become infected before we ever become aware of the seriousness of the disease. Think of these potentially civilization-destroying diseases as if they are sitting in front of slot machines pulling the handle time and again as they mutate … waiting to hit the ‘jackpot’. It has happened in the past, and it will most certainly happen again (in fact, we’ve come quite close to it happening in recent years with the SARS virus).

A number of preventive measures exist to enable the prepper to have the best possible chances of surviving the next great pandemic. These measures include proper hygiene and sanitation, having the ability to disinfect high-traffic surfaces, and having proper procedures (such as quarantine policies and procedures) pre-defined before an outbreak takes place.

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Image Copyright: zerbor / 123RF Stock Photo