1. dreadmoon


    The ability of water filter elements to remove harmful bacteria from a water source is directly related to the ‘pore size’ of the material through which the water flows. Sizes for the most common disease-causing bacteria; anthrax, botulinum, e.coli, listeria, streptococci and staphylococci range between 0.5-1.0 microns across. Hence, a...
  2. dreadmoon

    The #1 Prepping Food Mistake!

    The Patriot Nurse has a great (short but sweet) video of the importance of not overlooking nutrition when preparing food for disaster. Take a look and post your opinions on what some good options for packing some nutrition into your food preps, and how to avoid this prepping food mistake.
  3. dreadmoon

    VIDEO: “After Armageddon”

    The following video, “After Armageddon”, portrays exactly the type of scenario that is motivating many people around the world to become better prepared to survive a major disaster. I highly recommend that you view this and share it with others, and particularly with those who are not quite convinced that...