1. Richard Bryant

    Advanced Disaster Planning

      If I had to name the main quality that separates the advanced prepper/survivalist from the pack it would be the presence of a solid disaster plan. When I refer to “planning”, I don’t mean having a plan “in mind”, and I don’t mean having a file on a computer...
  2. Richard Bryant

    Defensive Tactics for Preppers

    Introduction DISCLAIMER: This article in intended to provide basic information regarding defensive tactics for preppers who are new to the subject. Those with a military background or other advanced knowledge in tactical maneuvers are referred to more advanced treatments of the subject, such as the excellent book ‘Contact! A Tactical...
  3. Richard Bryant

    My Evolution as a Prepper

    My Evolution as a Prepper Several years ago, before I became involved in prepping, I stayed buried up to my neck in work. I basically worked and slept, and I had maybe two reasonably close friends (both of whom were essentially co-workers). On the rare occasions that we did get...
  4. Richard Bryant

    Emergency Food Strategies

    The various types of emergency foods that are available, coupled with the commercial hype surrounding them, can understandably lead the prepper to make less than optimal decisions with regard to the types and amounts of emergency foods to acquire. In this article I will discuss emergency food strategies by briefly...
  5. dreadmoon

    The #1 Prepping Food Mistake!

    The Patriot Nurse has a great (short but sweet) video of the importance of not overlooking nutrition when preparing food for disaster. Take a look and post your opinions on what some good options for packing some nutrition into your food preps, and how to avoid this prepping food mistake.