1. dreadmoon

    The Possibility of EMP

    Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is a large, very-short-duration, release of electromagnetic energy into the atmosphere. Most often these pulses are associated with the high-altitude detonation of nuclear weapons. As these waves of energy pass across electrical conductors, such as the wires that make up the national power grid, or even the...
  2. dreadmoon

    The Possibility of Pandemic

    With recent media-hyped disease outbreaks that never became full blown pandemics one is tempted to ask if, in the modern world, there is really any risk of a major, life-threatening disease sweeping across the face of the globe. The answer, according to leading researchers in the area of infectious disease,...
  3. dreadmoon


    In the aftermath of a major disaster that disrupts the economy there may still be opportunities for those who are properly positioned to make a living. Many of those opportunities will be oriented towards “fixing what is broken”. If civilization does not totally collapse then there will be a surge...
  4. dreadmoon

    VIDEO: “After Armageddon”

    The following video, “After Armageddon”, portrays exactly the type of scenario that is motivating many people around the world to become better prepared to survive a major disaster. I highly recommend that you view this and share it with others, and particularly with those who are not quite convinced that...