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When There is No FEMA

‘When There is No FEMA’ is written as a non-fiction survivalist preparation and reference book intended to help the reader think clearly about preparedness to make their own decisions with their individual resource, experience and time constraints. The book strives to provide deep, detailed information needed by those seriously interested in surviving social breakdown at not only for individuals and small groups, but for entire communities as well.. These practical researched facts and tested techniques are intermixed with brief first hand and historical anecdotes which contribute to both the readability and memorability which makes ‘When There Is No FEMA’ both an easy cover-to-cover read, as well as a must-have resource for everyone serious about disaster preparedness..


Learn the ins and outs of creating a self sustainable survival operation through hunting, farming and community building.


Prepare to defend yourself, your family and your community with effective tactics, communication and planning.


Prep smarter with a logical approach to stocking up on the right things, in the right way to avoid wasted time, space, and money.


Gain understanding in the threats from poor sanitation in addition to the infrastructure and practices needed to maintain a healthy environment.

About this Web Site

NoFEMA.com was created in support of the book ‘When There is No FEMA’. Initially it was intended to provide prospective readers with a good introduction to the book and to direct them to the eCommerce site where they could purchase it for themselves. With the passage of time, the charter of NoFEMA.com has expanded to better connect the author with the reader, and to provide those interested in becoming better prepared with access to information and preparedness-related products and services that the author has personally reviewed and endorsed. It is our hope that NoFEMA.com fully accomplishes its purpose in allowing those interested in disaster preparedness to make best use of their resources as they become as prepared as possible as quickly as possible.  

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  1. dreadmoon


    Of all the portrayals of a major disaster that have appeared in the media, the one that I believe best depicts the dangers that we are all facing is a television ‘pre-enactment’ titled “After Armageddon”. As of this writing, this excellent video is available for viewing at no cost and...
  2. dreadmoon


    It is no exaggeration at all to say that the global economy is in totally uncharted waters. Consider that throughout history nations have borrowed money, and paid interest, rather than being relegated to simply printing money. Today, however, governments have so over-extended themselves that they have trouble finding buyers for...
  3. dreadmoon


    Many preppers are storing calcium hypochlorite because a small quantity of this chemical enables you to create enough bleach to purify a typical family’s drinking water for YEARS. The use of calcium hypochlorite also solves the problem posed by bleach losing it strength over time. Anyone choosing to store this...
  4. dreadmoon


    There are those who would argue that the current world situation is simply part of some enormous, multi-decade social cycle that must occasionally play itself out. Such individuals may suggest, for example, that the US is currently going through the same cycle it previously experienced during the days between Presidents...
  5. dreadmoon

    Disinfecting with Bleach

    The definition of the word ‘disinfect’ is “to clean something, especially by using a chemical substance, so as to kill all viruses, bacteria and other microbes”. As important as soap is in its critical role of maintaining personal hygiene, in a post-disaster scenario disinfecting surfaces (particularly those surfaces used for...
  6. dreadmoon

    Something Wicked this Way Comes

    With a world economy in tatters, unstable global stock markets and an upcoming US presidential election it is impossible not to speculate about the future. There is so much chaos and instability throughout the world that any specific outcome is impossible to predict, however one thing that can be pretty...
  7. dreadmoon

    The Carrington Event

    On September 1, 1859 a huge solar storm, which later came to be known as the “Carrington Event”, struck the Earth. The resulting electromagnetic pulse destroyed telegraph lines and equipment throughout the United States. It was said that sparks flew from some equipment, and some telegraph lines actually caught fire....
  8. dreadmoon


    Many people, when confronted with the notion of preparing for a major disaster, simply shrug and reply that they have neither the time, the budget, nor the physical storage space to prepare for a disaster that may never materialize. However, while the development of a good plan does require time,...
  9. dreadmoon


    In the aftermath of a major disaster that disrupts the economy there may still be opportunities for those who are properly positioned to make a living. Many of those opportunities will be oriented towards “fixing what is broken”. If civilization does not totally collapse then there will be a surge...

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