15574956 - blacksmith at workIn the aftermath of a major disaster that disrupts the economy there may still be opportunities for those who are properly positioned to make a living. Many of those opportunities will be oriented towards “fixing what is broken”. If civilization does not totally collapse then there will be a surge in demand for those who can repair everything from automobiles to small engines. Welders and blacksmiths will also be in demand, as will leather workers and upholsterers.

Of course it is possible that the situation will be so severe that there is no fuel available for engines. In that case there will be increased demand for laborers (and people to manage those laborers). If fuel remains available, those who own or operate tow trucks may also experience a demand for their services.

One service that you can certainly count on being in demand post-disaster is security, and anyone who can sit and point a gun has the potential to provide security services.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Even in the worst possible extended disaster scenarios there may very well be employment opportunities for most people – although such work may be performed on a barter basis.


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