Re-Thinking Home and Community Defense Strategies

Around the world many (formerly) highly-developed nations have begun to slide into lawlessness and anarchy.  In fact, there are many locales within the US that have become much more dangerous than previous generations of Americans would ever have imagined.  There is also a very apparent tendency for the groups of individuals engaging in lawless behavior to form gangs as conditions deteriorate (the recent phenomena of “home invasions” and “flash mobs” are good examples of such behavior).

Experience has also demonstrated that anarchy develops quickly after any lapse in law enforcement.  A simple labor dispute within the law enforcement community would be all that would be necessary to cause even the nicest neighborhoods to become very dangerous very quickly.

The prepper must recognize the potential for such lawlessness and plan accordingly. These plans should involve learning and defining a variety of defensive tactics and strategies to address the variety of threats that will emerge.  These home and community defense strategies should include:

  • Acquiring weapons and ammunition
  • Acquiring hardware and developing plans for augmented defenses
  • Defining a defense plan for each site
  • Identifying and/or developing defensive locations (hard and soft cover) at each site
  • Identifying and addressing blind spots and other vulnerabilities
  • Planning for collecting and disseminating defense-related intelligence information
  • Planning to incorporate concealment and subterfuge
  • Engaging in preemptive strikes
  • Escape and evasion
  • Planning for retreat
  • Planning to conduct defensive operations
  • Planning to conduct a campaign of guerrilla warfare

The book “When There is No Fema” (available for purchase on this web site) provides step-by-step guidelines for making all these preparations (and more).  It answers such questions as:

  • What barriers are effective against high caliber ammunition?
  • What weapons are best for different defensive scenarios?
  • What additional, non-obvious supplies and equipment do I need for home defense?
  • What types of defensive barriers and alerting systems should be put into place?
  • How and where to construct observation posts and defensive locations?
  • What tactics are appropriate when confronting a large, organized group of invaders?
  • How can I organize the defenses for an entire community?


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