Collapsible 5-Liter (1.32-Gallons) Water Jug with Disinfecting Instructions & Pipette



Collapsible Water Jug holding more than 1 gallon of water with disinfection instructions for bleach for safe storage of water.

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If you could only have one item in your preparedness inventory, this would be that item.

Access to pure, potable drinking water is essential to surviving a major disaster.  These collapsible water bottles, each with a smudge-free label affixed that provides instructions for water purification and a small pipette for adding droplets of disinfecting  bleach. When used as instructed help to provide the assurance that you’ll always have good access to potable water in a post-disaster situation.  The label on each bottle is essentially a mini-tutorial on proper water collection and processing.

Don’t be caught with empty shelves at the store and not enough water stored up for emergencies like hurricanes, major storms, or water line breakage.  These 5 liter (1.32-gallon) water bottles can be collapsed, folded and stored in a very small space and can be rapidly filled and disinfected when needed.