Distressed “Gray Man” Baseball Caps – Set of 3 – “Build Your Team!”



Worn individually, this distressed cap will help you to “blend end”. When issued to a group it becomes an instant “uniform” to promote group cohesion.

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Set of 3 Caps – DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS SIMPLE CAP:   This “distressed” cap is actually new from the factory.  If you order 10 of them you’ll notice that the wear marks are virtually identical across each cap.  We’re offering this cap as part of our NoFEMA catalog for a couple of reasons.  One well-known and time-tested preparedness strategy is, in the wake of disaster, to not stand out … to blend into the background … to become the “grey man” (or woman!).  This cap helps you to project that message.

But, when worn by all members of a survival group or community, this hat serves the same purpose as a military uniform.  It promotes a sense of group cohesion that can be critical, and it helps you to identify group members, even at a distance.

This is a set of 3 of these caps.