The Indispensable Guide for Getting Through these Troubled Times

The single most important reference for modern day survival …

This is the home of the book “When There is No Fema – Survival for Normal People in (Very) Abnormal Times”  (“NOFEMA”) – an essential reference for anyone interested in preparing to make it through these times of pandemic, lawlessness and financial hardship.

You are not here by accident.  If you found your way here, you are looking for information to help prepare yourself, your loved ones, and maybe your community, to deal with these daunting challenges we are all facing.  If that’s the case, you are but a few mouse clicks from what has been referred to as the most complete modern-day disaster preparedness reference ever written – a book that has been termed “Encyclopedic” by professional disaster planners and trainers.

NOFEMA is probably not a book you’ll obtain and immediately read from cover-to-cover; it is the book you’ll turn to again and again to focus on specific topics – personal, home and community defense, emergency food and water, first aid and treating illness, sanitation and hygiene, tending a garden, growing crops, raising chickens and small livestock, hunting, fishing and foraging, weapons and tactics, precious metals – and the list goes on.

Richard Bryant, the organizer of one of what was one of the largest survival groups in the US, authored this book when he realized that none of the survival books available provided sufficient breadth and depth of knowledge to enable his own family to get through a major disaster.  Over three years he labored over this book as if his own family’s survival depended on it.  Unlike other preparedness books, NOFEMA is not a “Frankenstein” copy-and-paste job from other sources – it is all original material, authored with painstaking research and created using the same tools used to produce textbooks.  So much research went into this book that the bibliography alone is 19 pages long (many other books on the topic provide neither bibliography nor index).

When other preparedness books might suggest that you “grow corn”, NOFEMA identifies the growing seasons, specifies how deep to plant seeds, how far to space the rows, what soil to plant in and how to deal with pests.  It provides similar degrees of detail on virtually every aspect of disaster preparedness including – not to be found elsewhere – organizing your own local community to survive the full range of worst-case disasters.  While other preparedness books cover only the “fluffy” topics of survival, NOFEMA goes beyond that to cover the critical and more serious and somber aspects of survival –the “life and death” stuff – the formerly-unimaginable circumstances that have suddenly become all too common.

See for yourself!   The first 60 pages of “When There is No FEMA” are available HERE for free as a downloadable PDF.  When you understand exactly what this book has to offer you may click the ‘Books’ main menu item at the top of the page to order your copy.  You will not be disappointed!

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